Our History

Haj Gholamreza Sakhtianchi
Haj Gholamreza
We are composed of two companies working in the leather field since several decades. Our ancestors had traded with skins and leather for several centuries. The exact time of the first activity in this field is not known. Today, we know that Mr. Haj Gholamreza Sakhtianchi was officially the founder of leather processing in KHORASAN, the state in north east of IRAN. First, he had tanneries in the region SABSEWAR and then in MASHHAD. Before him, our ancestors had traded with skins and leather in Baku (Azerbaijan) and later in the region Tabriz (north west of Iran) for several centuries.

In 1954, one of the eight sons of Mr. Haj Gholamreza Sakhtianchi, named Abolfazl started working in the leather factory of his father. In 1968, after some years of experience, he decided to establish with two of his brothers HOSSAIN and ALIASGHAR an another leather tannery "Iran Tanneries Export" for theirs own. Soon, they had a good success and exported their Pickled to Italy, Russia and old Czechslovakia.

In 1993, Mr. Abolfazl Sakhtianchi established with his children SAEED, SOHEIL, SAMAN and SOLMAZ the company "Sakhtiun Engineering Research & Industrial Co. LTD". This company developes & manufactures all kinds of hides & skins of Sheep, Goat, Cow and Ostrich in all Stages (Pickle, Wetblue, Crust and Finished Leather). In addition, it supplies chemiclas for leather and fur auxiliaries in Iran.