leather processing

Tanning is an integral part of leather making process, which converts the raw hides and skins to finished leather, which is used for manufacturing various leather goods. Tanning industries can be classified into two categories with respect to the kind of tanning practised: vegetable or EI tanning and chrome tanning.Further these processes can be classified into different processes each depending upon the level of tanning a particular industry adopts.

For vegetable tanning:
(a) Raw hide to vegetable tanned semi-finished leather
(b) Vegetable tanned semi-finished leather into finished leather.

For Chrome tanning:
(a) Raw hide to chrome tanned semifinished leather
(b) Raw hide to finished leather by chrome tanning
(c) Chrome tanned leather into finished leather.

In Iran, mostly chrome tanning is practised.

1. Storing and Sorting2. Soaking3. Liming4. Unhairing
5. Fleshing6. Splitting7. Deliming8. Pickling (Pickle)
9. Tanning (Wet blue)10. Saming11. Sorting12. Shaving
13. Splitting14. Neutralisation15. Dyeing16. Faltiquoring
17. Drying (Crust)18. Staking19. Finishing20. Plating
21. Sorting22. Elektrical Measuring
and Packing
23. Shiping